About us

«Art & Heart» is the design-studio.

Art always comes from the heart, this is a veritable way.

Interior designer must combines creative and technics, that's why word Idea, Transformation, Project are show our attitude to the work.

“Idea” means desire to find an interesting, peculiar and creative solution for each project, for each style. We always follow this principle. And it doesn’t matter what kind of object we deal with: one room or a whole building.

“Transformation” means the realization of idea into different forms, colors, images and it's matching to the technical peculiarities of the object.

“Project” means the result, designed as drawings and 3d-visualisation.

Project types:
1) Sketch: contains minimum graphic material for idea presentation to a client;
2) Working draft: contains exact drawings and 3d-visualisation for construction and project idea realization in real life. In addition, the important part of working draft is it’s technicality. We pay maximum of our attention to technicality, because it makes interior more comfortable and leaves good impression over the design.